Take Your Time Back

Manpacks was created to give men more time to build empires, climb mountains or slay dragons.

About Manpacks

While you’re busy working at the office, gearing up for the gym, or pre-gaming for a night out, Manpacks delivers essentials on your schedule. We automate your daily routines to liberate your valuable free time. Join us on our mission to help you eliminate the mundane and spend more time doing what you love. If you have any feedback or questions you need answered hit us up here.


Back in 2009, founders Ken Johnson and Andrew Draper found themselves feeling bogged down every time they had to think about restocking their top drawer. They asked themselves a simple question, “How much time would we save if we didn’t have to get in the car, and drive to the store every time we needed some new underwear or socks? What if, instead, these everyday basics could be delivered to our door on a schedule?"

These two guys with a dream and a problem to solve went out and bought $500 worth of underwear and a domain name - Manpacks.com. Ken and Andrew believed Manpacks was the solution to a problem many men faced - not having enough time to deal with shopping for essentials.

Simplifying the Future

Over the years, Manpacks has evolved from Ken and Andrew selling socks and underwear, to helping men everywhere cover all of their essentials from socks to condoms and everything in between. We’ve always valued the ideal of simplifying the basics for men, and want to continue that tradition in our future. By focusing on grouping products that make up our day-to-day routines, we hope to make it even simpler for men to purchase all of their basics - whether that’s what you need to freshen up post-workout, or the items you rock as your base layer. We want to save men even more time by completely taking the hassle out of deciding what products work best together.