How Manpacks Works

Call us busy, call us lazy, but facts are facts: we don’t often shop for basics like socks, underwear, and other products used daily unless it’s critical.

Men hate to shop, so we don't make them. Here's how it works

Underwear and socks

1. Choose thine undies!

Click "Get Started" and choose from our selection of the best underwear (or socks!) available, then set up your account.

Stock up

2. Adjust your package.

Add whatever you like to this order: shirts, shaving products, condoms, or just more socks and underwear, and we'll ship it to you right away.

Wait 3 months

3 months pass...

We'll send a Shipment Reminder email before your next package is due. Log into your account to make changes, or just leave everything as-is. Click "Ship Now" anytime to rush your next order.