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...to do with old underwear

Before you throw that old underwear in the trash, consider these five easy and earth-friendly alternatives (works for cotton t-shirts and socks, too)

Give to Goodwill

This is a great local option. Accordant with their policy, they will accept all clean clothing. Just make sure it's not too worn out.

Make rags.

Old t-shirts have been washed so many times that they are lint-free, and make perfect rags. Cut them up!

Donate to Underwear for Africa

They will accept any underwear or socks you can spare and get them to people who desperately need them.

Make a toy for your pet.

Take an old t-shirt and tie it into a series of knots. Your dog will love it!

Free up luggage space.

Wear them on a vacation, and throw them away to free up luggage space for your return trip.