Frequently Asked Questions

We can't tell you whether you'll find true love, or where the other sock goes when they're put in the dryer, but we do have answers to some important questions below.

Getting Started







Getting Started

How does this work?

First, pick out a few things you want right away. This pack will ship ASAP (typically 2–3 days), and you'll have access to a dashboard where you can manage your service. If you are a subscriber, you'll get a shipment reminder in 3 months. Rush or delay shipments anytime.

What should I start with?

If you're not sure what to get, start with one of a few different items -- you can stock up once you've found something you really like. We only carry the best men's products available so go ahead and try something new… we'll back you up with a killer return policy if you're unhappy with anything.

How do your prices compare?

Most items are priced how you'll find them elsewhere on the web (remember to factor in shipping costs), with some being a dollar or two more if the item is bulky or requires extra handling. If you find something is priced lower in bulk elsewhere online, let us know and we'll try to match the bulk price. There are no contracts, and no service fees on top of the goods you buy.

Are these single items? Or are they packs?

Everything is a single item (or pair) unless you see it marked otherwise.

What if I want something more often than every 3 months? Or less often?

You will have access to a dashboard where you can rush a shipment (click "Ship Now"), change the items in your pack ("Modify"), or delay a shipment ("Snooze"). We remind you before every shipment so there are no surprises.


How do I know what size I am?

Click the link that says "sizing chart" at the top of the product page. Also, check your drawers. If you're curious about the fit of a specific item, let us know. We can definitely help.

Will you carry my favorite underwear?

We'll carry your *new* favorite underwear. See next question.

Why don't you have a bigger selection of products?

Because we're making this easier for guys, and that means having a store with fewer, better choices than you'll find from other merchants. We personally test and review every product we sell and most products don't make it into our store.


What's your return policy?

If you buy something and don't like it, we'll pay to have it shipped back to us.

How can I change what I'm getting with my next order?

Log into your dashboard at and click the "Visit the Shop" button. Setting a quantity to zero will move an item into your favorites for easy re-ordering another time.

Is there a discount for the military?

Yes. Email us at for more details.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Not at the moment. But email us at if you'd like to be involved once we do.


How much is shipping?

Free for all orders over $49, or any size order (no minimums) when you subscribe to quarterly shipments.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yep. Same deal on shipping.

Do you ship to any countries that aren't the US or Canada?

Not unless you are in a territory serviced by the USPS, or have an FPO or APO address.

How long does shipping take?

Packs typically ship in 2–3 days, and you'll receive an email with a tracking number when they do. Shipping in the US is usually less than a week, and to Canada about two weeks on average.

What method of shipping does Manpacks use?

Mostly USPS, sometimes Fedex or UPS. It depends on the size/weight of the package. In Canada, packages are transferred to Canada Post.

Is my pack on the way?

Have you received a shipment confirmation email from us? (Check your spam filter). If not, your package could be delayed. We do our best to notify you of delays longer than 5 business days, but if you'd like an update feel free to email us at


How do I suspend my service?

If you are currently subscribed, click the "Turn Off Auto-shipments" button in your dashboard. If you would like to deactivate an account for good, email


What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Can I use Paypal?

Yes. Email us at and we'll explain how.

When am I charged?

Your credit card will only be charged when a package enters processing. This happens weekdays at around noon Eastern. So if you hit "Ship Now" a dozen times by mistake, don't worry about it.

Are my payments secure? uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to provide you with the safest, most secure shopping experience possible. SSL technology enables encryption (scrambling) of sensitive information during your online transactions so it stays safe and out of malicious hands. And payment information is stored in a Level 1 PCI Compliant environment - the highest level of security and the same level used by banks and payment gateways.


How do I get help fast?

First, check to see if we're on live chat (bottom right of your browser window). If not, click there anyway and you can send us a message directly. We usually respond within 24 hours.